5 Key Steps To Visualizing Your Way To Your Dreams

    By Joanna Booth | Small Business

    As I read more business books, autobiographies and research being an entrepreneur I have started to notice a common theme. It’s something I do naturally (perhaps that’s my inner entrepreneur at work) but the importance or implications have never been something I’ve particularly noticed or thought too deeply about.  However, the more I discover and the longer I travel my entrepreneurial road, the value and importance of this thing increases immensely.

    This thing is visualization.

    I have always been a big dreamer (especially day dreamer!), loved surrounding myself with imagery and making goals but I did this for fun, not because I thought it had any influence over my future.  However, I now realize that’s exactly what these things are doing; they are creating the blueprints of my future.

    How do I know this? Because the more I visualize my goals, the quicker and more of them I achieve. But it’s not just me, read any business book or autobiography and they all say the same thing ‘I always knew I wanted to be’ or ‘I used to dream about being’. It may not have been methodical or intentional but all successful people have done it, I’m starting to do it and you need to be doing it too, if you aren’t already!

    To help you on your way I have outlined 5 key steps to visualizing your way to your dreams:

    1) Think it

    The first step is to sit down and really assess and think about what it is you want: you need to be clear, concise and confident. If you don’t know what you want then how can you follow the signals and opportunities leading to it? Start with small goals and work your way up to your ultimate dream. Don’t worry about how you will get there; just make sure it’s what you want. This would be a good time to create a vision board.

    2) Dream it

    Now you have you short & long-term goals, you need to dream it. Spend your spare moments (perhaps whilst driving to the office - keep your eyes on the road though!) thinking about what achieving these goals will mean, how it will feel, why, who will share it, when and then ask yourself ‘How will I get there?’ – You don’t need to answer but just start to consider the options. If they feel impossible then revert to the smaller steps and stay positive. Asking ‘How’ will set your brain in motion to look for and find the opportunities you need to achieve; it’ll be effortless and, more than likely, subconscious.

    3) Believe it

    Doubting the end result will inevitably sabotage the whole process. A huge portion of visualization is belief, faith and blind trust; note, I’m not saying get on your knees and pray, I’m saying that you need to believe in yourself and trust yourself to fulfill your dreams. The more you believe the more likely you are to ensure it happens.

    4) Act it

    If your dream is to live a happy, healthy & wealthy life…then act it! Go for long walks, laugh with friends, be loved-up with your partner and start looking for, saving for and booking that amazing holiday or buying your dream home. Part of affirming the belief is acting it. The more you feel happy and start achieving the smaller goals, the sooner you will attract the bigger dreams.

    5) Achieve it

    The more you act the part, the more you feel the part and, in turn, the more you are the part. If you visualize it, start acting like it, the sooner you will be achieving it. Just allow yourself to follow the opportunities, walk through the doors that will open, and embrace the reality of achieving what you want.

    It won’t always be easy, everyone must work hard at their dreams, but focusing your time, energy and willpower on achieving your dreams is far more rewarding than using your energy on just existing or chasing someone else’s goals. Don’t be afraid to try, follow what feels right, and when in doubt ask yourself: ‘Will this take time away from achieving my goals or get me closer?’  If it’s take time away, don’t do it. And remember, no dream is too big, silly or unachievable.  Don’t let  yourself, or anyone else, make that negative thought your reality.

    Visualize away.

    Joanna Booth is a young entrepreneur in the UK with a great attitude and an excellent blog. Read more from Joanna here:

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