The Latino Opportunity

Succeeding in business when Papi is the boss

Start succession planning early
Many business founders consider themselves irreplaceable; this is a problem especially if it's true. Succession planning is a complex task. It requires identifying talented relatives; guiding and training them for leadership; documenting processes and practices; preparing legal documentation; and much more. An illness or accident could require a son or daughter to take over the business years earlier than anyone expected. Preparing them early can minimize the chance that this will lead to the demise of your business.

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Purchase "key person" insurance

Key person insurance is a special type of life insurance where the beneficiary isn't a person but instead is your business.  Most family-owned businesses rely tremendously on the efforts of one or two individuals.  If one should die unexpectedly, it could be catastrophic for the business.  The proceeds from a key person policy can be used to cover the costs of transition such as hiring new staff, contracting consultants, softening the blow of lost sales and more.

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Latino immigrant entrepreneurs tend to start businesses that serve
their own community.  This makes sense since it's a market they
understand, language barriers may limit access to other opportunities
and they have a natural network of customers and suppliers within their community.  While this may make the launch of the business a


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