The Latino Opportunity

How Latinos can go from online fun to online profits

Offer online services that cater to Latino consumers

Despite the huge surge in Latino consumer use of social media and mobile technologies, there are relatively few services that leverage these technologies with Latinos in mind.  Given the scale of the Latino market online, there should be thousands of companies launching every year to target Latinos online and hundreds of millions of dollars in investment behind them. But this isn't the case. Maybe you can be the Latino equivalent of Mark Zuckerberg?

These strategies are currently being used profitably by millions of business across the country.  But not enough of them are owned by Latinos. If as a Latino business owner your customers are also predominantly Latino, then you have tremendous insight into this market's needs and wants.  Use this knowledge to position your company online. If you like spending time on social media services anyway, why not profit from it as well?


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