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  • Networking Is Dangerous: Never Go Alone

    Never go alone. That’s my mantra. The tough U.S. Marines work in teams, SCUBA divers go in pairs, Mormon missionaries travel by two, and smart men or women don’t wander alone at night in sketchy parts of town. You should never go to a networking event alone; it is just plain dangerous.

    It is dangerous because if you go alone, you might just huddle in a corner and not meet a soul. That’s dangerous, perhaps fatal, to your career or your business.

    You know the routine: Attend local events, bring plenty of business cards, and shake, shake, shake those hands. You have heard this before. I want you to forget everything you have read about networking to advance your career or business. Let’s do a bit of networking reinvention.

    Here are four things that really make a difference in networking:

    1. As mentioned, never go alone. Have you heard about the Dutch Admiral principle? This little-known story was shared in a leadership course.

    Not long ago, there were two junior officers in the Dutch

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