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  • The 4 Smartest Things You Can Do Every Morning

    Does this sound like you? You roll out of bed exhausted every morning. Your brain was going like gangbusters all night, keeping you awake with thoughts and plans about your business. Now you’re ready to execute—if you could just find the shirt you were planning to wear to that important client meeting. Where’s the address again? Uh-oh, your phone isn’t charged, so you go on the computer to look up the location. Next thing you know, you’re sucked into emails. You look up, still in your bathrobe, and an hour has passed. Where did the morning go? Now you’re going to be late—and your phone still isn’t charged.

    Four simple morning habits can change you from a harried slob in a bathrobe to a paragon of productivity.

    1. Check your to-do list. You do have one, right? Okay, this habit really starts the night before, when you make a to-do list before going to bed. “Dumping” your to-do’s onto paper (or digital calendar) helps you clear your mind so you’ll sleep better (no worries about forgetting

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