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  • The One-Two Punch: Closing the Skills Gap in the American Workforce

    The most important issue for Americans is jobs -- specifically, creating more of them. We heard it through the lowest point of the recession. We heard it during the 2012 presidential campaign. And we've heard it echoed in the media since. A largely untold story is one about the many jobs in our economy that remain unfilled due to the skills gap in the American labor force. It's clear that the technology sector is a powerful force in our economy -- but to fully harness its potential for growth, we need to ensure we have workers with required skills to fill the new types of jobs of these new companies.

    We're playing catch up -- not unexpected, perhaps, given the incredibly fast rate at which the tech sector grows and changes and the comparatively slow (sometimes seemingly glacial) pace of institutional reform. The skills gap we're currently experiencing is indicative of a failure of policy to keep pace with changing technology, to the detriment of a faster economic recovery and our

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  • Tech Works: How Technology is Leading America’s Economy


    There's an economic renaissance happening in America. The 21st Century jobs that are leading the American economy are powered by technologies created every day in labs and garages by students, innovators and entrepreneurs. It's a story many of us have become familiar with -- or so we thought. The truth is, the story of the technology-powered economic revival goes beyond the traditional tech centers of Silicon Valley and New York; it's a story that's being played out in communities all across the country.

    More and more new data points and stories are highlighting that tech is leading the job revival in America. And this rebirth, though led by the traditional centers of innovation like San Francisco and Silicon Valley, is also taking root in every corner of this country, from Detroit to Kansas City, Los Angeles to Austin, Boise to Boulder.

    I helped found Engine Advocacy last year to assist the startup and small business communities in the U.S. thrive via changes in policy, and we are

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