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  • How to Develop the #1 Trait All Successful Entrepreneurs Share

    In advice columns, business books, and public speeches, entrepreneurs note a variety of secrets to success. Some say drive is the most important thing, others say it’s in the business plan. I disagree. There’s one trait that all successful entrepreneurs share: resilience.

    Resilience isn’t usually cited as the secret to success, but when you ask seasoned entrepreneurs how they made it so far, they’ll tell you that they just kept going. If they’re honest, they’ll discuss the difficult days -- the times they wanted to quit, the months they wished for the stability of a job, and the weeks they welcomed the weekend as a respite from the chaos of running a business -- and how, despite everything, they moved forward.

    Resilience is defined as an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change. As an entrepreneur, that means possessing a certain flexibility and willingness to adapt to the circumstances as they arise. It’s not just about snapping back from a negative event; it’s

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