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  • Three Clever Strategies to Market Your Online Business

    Lauryn BallesterosMarketing is not for the faint of heart. Ridden with twists, turns, vulnerability and emotional roller coasters - it’s inherently about trying things that may or may not work.

    It’s no wonder that when the opportunity arrives to be different, it feels safer - and if we’re totally honest, easier, to follow the crowd.

    But following the crowd blindly is a horrible marketing strategy (if not a destined-for-failure life strategy, too).

    So - what is the solution for small business owners to market themselves like a pro (without breaking the bank)?

    Below are three ways you can begin to stand out online and position yourself as a respected leader in your space.

    #1 Be vocal.

    Your cheapest and most compelling marketing strategy is to be willing to talk/do/say what other industry leaders are too afraid of to do or say themselves. The world is over saturated with people promoting outdated opinions, safe ideas and boring design all because it won’t rock the boat.

    But for those of you willing to call it

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