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  • A new line of business is introduced in your company and you’re in charge of making it a success. There’s a mountain of new data that you now have to track that didn’t exist before. Things like, client demographics, service requests, process flow info and sales data. Your IT department doesn’t have the time or resources to respond to your requests so you do the only thing you can do. You open Microsoft Excel and start typing away, problem solved!

    The project starts to get a little complex so you add a few more tabs and even create entirely different spreadsheets to manage different types of data. You have one for clients, one for new orders, and one for tracking where the client is in the service process. You know where everything is and this seems like a big help. Then you realize that when working on service orders you have to be able to see the related client info on the same spreadsheet tab at the same time. That’s easily solved by a little cut and paste, right?

    Then managers from

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