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  • How Product Startups Can Take ‘Hacking’ Offline

    How do you hack offline as rapidly and as effectively as you hack online?

    Web startups can iterate a product and get it back on the market in a matter of seconds. But with product companies, we’re faced with manufacturing lead times that create a much longer development cycle. Luckily, Ministry of Supply's co-founders also went to MIT, where we learned the importance of hacking -- i.e., moving fast, iterating quickly and using customer insights to educate design.

    To that end, I want to share some creative ways that MoS brought some of the best online practices offline, and applied them to our product company:

    A/B testing isn’t only for web companies.

    When A/B testing, companies randomly test two variants and determine which one better achieves the company’s goals (e.g., click-through rate or conversion).  Web startups are notorious for doing this often and well -- and then optimizing based on the results.

    When we started Ministry of Supply, we wondered if we could take this same principle

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