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  • 5 Tips to Help You Hire the Right Employees

    Are you in the process of hiring more employees for your company? Recruiting and interviewing candidates is a long and tedious process,but if you can perfect the hiring formula, your business can flourish and enjoy unprecedented success.

    They say that 80 percent of the work gets done by 20 percent of the people, and 80 percent of your problems come from 20 percent of your employees. Now think about what your business would look like if you identified the valuable 20 percent, and chose to expand that group exclusively.

    There is no limit to your success if you can just figure out how to hire and motivate the right people.

    Here are five fundamental tips to help you hire the right employees:

    1. It’s all about attitude. Assess candidates’ skills, certainly, but more importantly, look for those with the right attitude. The right attitude is that which fits the culture of your company. What attitude do we look for at Ajax Union? An ideal candidate has a positive, confident and can-do attitude,

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