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  • Trolls: the modern indication of success or five ways to handle unwanted attention.


    When you start your entrepreneurial journey, you will inevitably have visions of what your success will look and feel like. Perhaps you picture yourself on a boat, drinking champagne? Or maybe you see yourself winning a Nobel Prize for making major change in the world? Whatever the dream and vision, I’m sure it doesn’t include being attacked online and being hounded by strangers.

    Unfortunately, in the world we live in, this is a possible reality. I wanted to write this piece to warn you, but also support you and give you tips on how to handle your success haters; also known as internet trolls. You see, you don’t have to be Richard Branson to be considered worthy of trolling. In fact, at the age of just 24, I already have a troll crew that follow me from blog to blog, success to success, shouting negative, untrue abuse.

    So why do we attract trolls in the first place?

    That’s easy - for sticking our heads above the parapet! By our very nature of being entrepreneurial we want to stand

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  • 5 Key Steps To Visualizing Your Way To Your Dreams

    As I read more business books, autobiographies and research being an entrepreneur I have started to notice a common theme. It’s something I do naturally (perhaps that’s my inner entrepreneur at work) but the importance or implications have never been something I’ve particularly noticed or thought too deeply about.  However, the more I discover and the longer I travel my entrepreneurial road, the value and importance of this thing increases immensely.

    This thing is visualization.

    I have always been a big dreamer (especially day dreamer!), loved surrounding myself with imagery and making goals but I did this for fun, not because I thought it had any influence over my future.  However, I now realize that’s exactly what these things are doing; they are creating the blueprints of my future.

    How do I know this? Because the more I visualize my goals, the quicker and more of them I achieve. But it’s not just me, read any business book or autobiography and they all say the same thing ‘I always

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  • Seven habits of a successful start-up


    Before beginning my own entrepreneurial journey I became obsessed with studying the business world’s high achievers. Why? Because I was convinced there was some ‘trick’ or hidden secrets to their success that without fully understanding I would fail at business. After reading a lot of egotistical books I realized I my theory was both correct and, frankly, also totally wrong!

    From reading & studying the behaviors of many hyper successful people I began to notice a trend…most of what they had done, were doing and continue to do was just plain old good common sense. No tricks involved! Nonetheless, I’m not knocking their abilities or successes because following good common sense when you are heavily emotionally attached to your business (your baby) is extremely hard! To stay impartial and objective about your business is nearly impossible but those at the top manage for the most part to do so. This being said, they also know when to fight for their dream, ignore others and pursue their

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