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    My business partner -- who is also my mentor -- is an amazing entrepreneur who is very passionate about helping people. When we first started our business, we nearly went broke; we needed to get new clients, but we also had a ton of ongoing costs for the new center we built. We were faced with the choice: pay the heating bill or buy advertising space.

    "Content is King, but marketing is Queen, and you know who runs the household," goes the phrase. So instead of paying the heating bill, my business partner decided to spend the last $10,000 on a 2" x 2" newspaper ad.

    His bet paid off -- from that little ad, he sold four programs, totaling about $80,000 in revenue. The business was saved because of a little thing called user acquisition, and three key elements in place that made his user acquisition campaign a success. Here are his secrets:

    1. Think like an early-century herb treatment specialist.

    A century ago, the world operated on an economic system that demystified concepts like marketing,

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