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  • Build A Company Where Greatness Is Expected

    Is there a Top 25 team that doesn't have a DeMatha player on it? – ESPN Announcer

    After my startup Speek raised a large round of seed funding, we began to build out our full-time staff. This was a key undertaking, as every hire was critical to improving or degrading the natural culture the company had already started forming. As we went through this process, I couldn’t help but think back to another great culture which I’d been lucky enough to be a part of.

    I went to DeMatha High School in Hyattsville, Maryland. There is no place of which I am prouder. At DeMatha, they've figured out how to instill the expectation of greatness. Winning isn’t a bonus—it's presumed.

    At DeMatha, All-Americans, Merit Scholars, and nationally recognized musicians surrounded you. Every morning over the loudspeakers you heard about championships won, awards earned, scholarships signed. No one ever said, “Man, I really hope we win it all this year” because it didn’t need to be said. Anything less than winning it

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