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  • Social Good Could Be Your Business’s Best Partner

    Talented people are a company’s greatest asset. Especially for a small business that might only have a handful of employees, finding and keeping the right people with the right skills is one of the most important avenues to success. It’s easy to imagine that the best or only way to do that is by offering above-market salaries. But did you know that incorporating programs aimed toward doing social good as part of your business can help promote an engaged workplace culture and make sure that talented people want to work for you?

    Showing your employees that you care about their values will help small businesses to attract and keep the most talented people. By giving your employees the chance to donate to the causes that matter to them and (in some cases) by matching their donations up to a certain point, you show them that their values are important to you. Establishing a company charitable giving program is a way to show employees that your company is not all about the bottom line.

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