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  • How to Win Over a Disappointed Customer

    At a startup – and arguably at a large company too – there is nothing more valuable than happy customers. They become evangelists of your brand and an extension of your marketing team, referring friends and family. More important is the significant negative impact of a dissatisfied person. We have all heard the adage that an angry customer will tell 20 of their friends. Keeping people smiling is critical to your success.

    We believe that a large percentage of people are jaded from poor customer service experiences and have actually come to expect bad service. At Modify, one recent customer emailed, “This watch is a piece of junk! It does not turn on!” We spoke with the customer, and found out the watch was perfect: she did not push in the “dial,” which connects the battery. Similarly, at Magoosh, a customer recently emailed saying, “I just paid for your product but when I log in I don’t have access. I’m going to report you to the Better Business Bureau! Get back to me ASAP!!!” It turns

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