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I became complacent that I knew about the amazing blogs that are well written and offer full, honest responses to common internet marketing challenges that face bloggers and small business owners alike: driving traffic, creating leads and making your business found online more often by purchase-motivated customers.

Then over the holidays I started looking for fresh reading… deep insights and well-written blogs are not common in the flurry of bloggers who post quantity / frequency over quality, but I was able to find a few (that I found myself lost in, for hours):

  • Traffic Generation Cafe Ana publishes a monthly income statement about her blog that I find fascinating, and in less than an hour of exploring her blog content, I’ve discovered a radical method for traffic generation that I hadn’t previously considered…
  • Firepole Marketing Danny’s content is funny and insightful about the work and successes of becoming a top-ranked writer & blogger – its hard to tell if he’s just one guy or if its a team of people at Firepole Marketing, which is similar to the feedback I get about Social Sparkle & Shine, and myself – Debbie Horovitch, the Social Media Concierge.
  • Digital Marketing Depot Pretty much everything you could ever want to know about hiring digital marketing agencies, outsourcing and staff recruitment! Also, how to optimize your landing pages, SEM, SEO and more! It’s not actually a blog, but I did get lost in it, and downloaded a lot more content for reading & sharing!
  • Peter Sandeen Improve your online conversion rates for landing pages and CTAs with Peter’s step by step advice and tools.

I realized there must be many more, I have missed and am hoping that you will share with me and my / your audience:

Which are the blogs that you find yourself getting lost in? That make you excited to dive deep into a new project? That give you new ways of looking at digital media and marketing platforms that you had never considered, despite using them for years?

If you could read only one blog (other than your own) for free for the rest of your time in business, which one would you choose? And why?

Whitepapers and Playbooks referenced in this blog post are available free to download and share in my Social Media Concierge Public Resource Library on Google Docs.

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