Are You Blogging a Free (or Slow) Host to Death?

The key to keeping your online business not only afloat but steadily growing is to keep it always open and welcoming – or, in other words, for your website never to break down and ensure that the pages and media can be accessed easily and speedily.

Are You Blogging a Free (or Slow) Host to Death? image ID 10055016Are You Blogging a Free (or Slow) Host to Death?If you were a traditional brick-and-mortar entrepreneur and serious about growing your business (which ought to be your mindset if you want your business to start right and succeed quickly), you can’t just open up shop by sticking a Welcome sign on the door and hoping for the best. You’ve got to make sure that your shop is accessible to increase its appeal. 

WordPress and your business’ online presence

A virtual shop has its own set of challenges in accommodating its potential customers. Despite what some may think, your business – even if it’s “just” online – doesn’t run by itself. (If it does, everybody will be putting up online businesses first thing in the morning and sipping margaritas while watching the sunset for the rest of their lives. There’s not much fun in that, if you ask me.)

WordPress is one of the best, if not the top, choice in the market for online entrepreneurs. With the biggest global community of bloggers under its roof and a solid, top-quality content management platform that has been improved and refined for a good decade, WordPress has attracted not only casual bloggers but also enterprising individuals who have made it an effective platform for greatly productive ventures.

While many praises are already being sung about this CMS, it literally pays to know the advantages of engaging a paid web hosting service to host your business site. 

Why it pays to choose the right host for your virtual shop

Online entrepreneurs who have established their business via WordPress quickly learn that paying for a top quality web host accelerates the growth of their business by ensuring stability, functionality and accessibility for both the website’s owner and its visitors.

Here, true quality, as measured by greater bandwidth and consistently fast up-time and focused customer support, is guaranteed to overcome the most common and frequent challenges in keeping your site functional and accessible 24/7.

It could only lead to good things, both for you and your customers, if your hosting service is tailored to your needs based on specific bandwidth activity and preemptively establishes contingency solutions to compensate for sudden spikes in visitor volume, among other typical problems that could nevertheless frustrate you or visitors to your website.

Besides the draw of faster up-time speed and prompt customer service, paid WordPress shared hosting such as HostGator or BlueHost and virtual dedicated servers (VPS) give you greater flexibility in managing your site’s content. 

The drawbacks of low-cost or free hosting solutions

For bloggers who opt for low-cost varieties of shared hosting or even those who put up with the limitations of free hosting, maintaining a business online eventually might require them to grapple with programming languages such as PHP and MySQL, which can be a royal pain if coding isn’t your thing. A top-quality web host provides managed dedicated service so you don’t have to deal with the minute technical details that may lead to your site breaking down.

Just like a traditional business owner, you could allot greater focus to big-picture issues like expanding your business if you’re freed from having to keep track of all the little problems, which in the overall scheme of things, is what efficiency, online or otherwise, is about.

While casual bloggers may have the luxury to indulge in the limited services of free hosting, the more serious WordPress entrepreneurs should consider the best WordPress hosting that comes with that added value: better customer support, and more competent and sophisticated tools for web entrepreneurs to use to ensure that their business in general, and not just their website, runs optimally.

Ultimately, this is an advantage that both they and their visitors will be able to enjoy for far longer than any free hosted site or blog could offer.

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