Blogging: The Engine in Your Content Marketing Machine

Think you don’t need a blog for your business? Think again.

The need for businesses to adopt content marketing is like climate change; a few may argue that it that is doesn’t exist – claiming that blogging and social media are not legitimate business activities – but meanwhile, all around us the proof is mounting.

The content era is truly upon us. Early movers are already realising the benefits that commitment to sustained content marketing offers. There is still time however for your business to be a part of the early majority.

Content marketing is sustained marketing

Blogging: The Engine in Your Content Marketing Machine image BLD engine postits AW 02 09 2013Blogging: The Engine in Your Content Marketing MachineFor those businesses that are ready to implement content marketing, the business blog is the ideal foundation. Blogging isn’t the only way to succeed with content marketing, but, in most cases, if you are unable to sustain a blog, you are unlikely to be able to sustain it in any other form.

Effective content marketing is an integrated system that continually uses fresh content to reach, engage and convert new prospects, i.e. to move them down the lead funnel. While there are many exciting options available to you at each stage of the funnel – e.g. webinars, videos, apps, etc. – blogging is the easiest, most economical way to get stared and to satisfy the needs of each.

Get your content marketing in shape

Blogging gets your content marketing system in shape, testing your ability to effectively plan and produce content to a schedule. Just by blogging, you also ensure that you have the basic contents of regular email and social media communications, both of which are essential to the content marketing process.

Additional benefits to B2B blogging include improved SEO, natural back linking, increased website traffic, syndication opportunities and more. And as you blog, you will learn more and more about your audience, the types of content they want and the kinds of content you want to produce.

Hence blogging really can be the engine at the heart of your successful content marketing machine. Sustain a good business blog and all other aspects of content marketing will become even more accessible to you; and your success in the arena more certain. So, don’t hesitate, get started blogging for your business today.

Getting help

You may be thinking that you want to establish your business blog, in order to realise the many benefits B2B blogging offers, but do not have the skills or resources to maintain it. Fear not, it is perfectly possible to outsource both your blogging strategy and blog post production – as it is your blog publishing, social sharing and email marketing.

Be warned however, the effectiveness of your outsourced blog is highly dependent on your organisation’s commitment to and involvement in the content planning process. Every highly successful content marketing strategy, whether there is a blog at its heart or not, is the product of understanding buyer personas and thoughtfully preparing content that meet their needs.

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