Is your Blog Easy to Find?

    By Natalie Saumure | Small Business

    With blogging becoming more popular and mainstream, the challenge to set yourself apart from others can get difficult if you do not know which route is the best for your company. If you do not have a blog yet, hop to it!

    Is your Blog Easy to Find? image blogging2Is your Blog Easy to Find?

    A blog is an excellent way to highlight your specialities and showcase your expertise in your industry. Blogging is a great way to add interesting content to your site in order to get more traffic and leads. Blogging also helps convert your visitors into leads. Having valuable and relevant information establishes your brand and worth to prospects.

    Below are tips, tools and different methods of sharing your blog.

    Social Sharing Is your Blog Easy to Find? image social charing1Is your Blog Easy to Find?

    Using social sharing buttons on your blog posts makes it easy for readers to share your content with their social networks. Asking them to follow you on social media is a great way to leverage your blog and get more visitors as well.


    A CTA within your blog posts encourages readers to interact with your brand and nurture client relationships. Some tips for creating good CTAs are: use numbers, use action words, keep it brief but enticing, use practical language. Don’t overload the reader with too much information in the call-to-action. Give just enough information that they are clear on the offer, but not too much that it gives everything away. Create curiousity so that they click. Check out  4 Ways to Get More Clicks on Your Calls-To-Action for more information on designing great CTAs.

    Social Media

    Social media is an easy way to increase your traffic and leads. It’s also helpful for customer engagement, which can lead to more recommendations and customers spreading your content to their networks.  Publish a blog post and use your company social media networks to promote your blog.

    Create a footprint

    For a business, the 6 main social networks to consider (depending on the nature of your business) would probably be Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube (if you have video content). Whichever networks you belong to, your job is to communicate and interact with others! Share, comment, interact, and converse (be self-promotional a small fraction of the time) and they will likely reciprocate and engage with your brand.

    HootSuite Is your Blog Easy to Find? image hootsuite owl1Is your Blog Easy to Find?

    HootSuite is a great tool to use in order for you to monitor how your social networks are doing. You can engage with your followers on Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, and Twitter directly from HootSuite. In terms of Twitter, through HootSuite you can create “streams” to help you monitor relevant topics/keywords to your business. You can also create lists on Twitter of influential people in your industry and follow them for further opportunities to leverage your own brand.

    Stay current

    In order to have fresh content that people will be interested in, you have to monitor outside of your networks (new articles, Google News, other blog posts, etc) and bookmark pages of interest to you and base your next blog post around that topic. Helpful hint:  Create an editorial calendar. The primary purpose of an editorial calendar is to organize your content and plan when you will publish it. The calendar helps to ensure that you always have content ready.

    How do you share your blog? What network is most popular for your business?

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