Is A Blog Coach Right For You?

How To Know When You Need A Little Extra Blogging Push

There’s nothing inherently wrong with keeping your content writing in house. Lots of businesses have been searching for the right cost saving measures for a long period of time. Here’s the thing. Average content won’t cut it. Good enough isn’t going to help your business stand out. If online business is a little stagnant, it may be time to hire a content coach or blog coach to spark your creativity again.

You may have the knowledge, passion and voice. You may know your business and industry inside and out. But here’s the thing. Marketing your business online is all about effectively communicating ideas. It’s about writing with impact, providing value, and consistently publishing awesome material.

These are the things your audience is searching for.

Stop with the average. Stop rewriting the same industry tips that have made their rounds across all of the “A list” industry blogs. In the online content game, creative and original count for everything.

A blog coach can help you develop a long term strategy. They can help you determine a publishing schedule that lends itself to your best output and the goals of your business. They can provide content editing services.

Here’s the thing. Content riddled with spelling and grammar errors can erode trust. It can cause readers to wonder if you really know much about your own business. All you have to do is look at news organizations that have a reputation for making mistakes. Trust erodes quickly.

Here’s just a few things a blog coach can help you with:

  • How to determine your audience.
  • Generating post ideas.
  • Finding your voice.
  • Writing for people, instead of search engines.
  • Fixing grammar mistakes.

You can keep your blog in-house. You may just need the right motivation, and the right strategies to do it.

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