Bike-powered, modular parks bring spontaneous green spaces to cities


According to recent research, there are now more people in the world living in urban environments than in rural ones. However, it’s not always possible or convenient to enjoy green space in those built-up areas. In order to tackle this problem, Parkcycle is a scheme that enables parks to be spontaneously assembled in any public location.

Developed by design group Rebar in collaboration with Denmark’s N55, each piece of greenery is the width of a typical road lane and can be connected to the back of a bicycle. The top of the platform is coated with real grass and some sections feature a bush or small tree. Each piece allows two or three people to enjoy some green space, and the sections can be added to each other to create a larger park if needed. The parks are also mobile and can be situated in parking spaces or other open public locations. Parkcycle was most recently on display at the YARAT public art festival in Azerbaijan.

Are there other ways elements of the countryside can be spontaneously added to cityscapes to entertain and emotionally benefit its residents?


Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise

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