Between celebrates 5M downloads with v2.0 release

South Korean couple app Between launched its new version with advanced features; also accomplished 5 million global downloads

Fall in love all over again says Between with its new and improved 2.0 version. The announcement of the launch comes in hand with the couple app’s achievement of crossing five million global downloads. The company continues its push in the global market with Between’s new version which will be host to a number of new and exciting features.

The Five Million Mark
South Korea is currently Between’s strongest market, with 60 per cent of downloads coming from the country. Japan and China both hold 10 per cent of Between’s global downloads while Southeast Asia and the US hold 7 per cent and 5 per cent respectively.

Jaeuk Park, CEO of VCNCJaeuk Park, CEO of VCNC

Jaeuk Park, CEO of VCNC

“Between 1.0 was first launched in South Korea to enhance communication between couples here. While focusing on South Korea, we also saw organic adoption of Between in other parts of Asia, North America and Europe which prompted us to study these markets more. Between 2.0 is the result of actively engaging our global users and gathering their feedback to bring Between to the next level for couples around the world,” said Jaeuk Park, CEO of VCNC (Value Creators & Company).

Between completed two million downloads in December 2012 and in January 2013 VCNC raised US$3 million Series B funding. The same year Between launched sticker store with Version 1.4.0 update.

Care More says Between 2.0
Between 2.0 will support features that will help loving couples care more for each other irrespective of their locations. One such feature is the shared calendar, that will allow Between users to plan their dates, notify their significant other about key appointments or travel schedules and to keep track of special days like anniversaries and birthdays better.

Apart from that will be the weather update feature that will help couples come closer together when they are physically apart by helping them understand the weather they are experiencing respectively.

between 2.0 features between features

Two new features in Between 2.0: Shared calendar and Weather update

“The new features in Between 2.0 will continue to help couples communicate better with each other, especially with all the digital noise around. Together with the new update, Between has also undergone a rebranding, with its new app icon and logo, to position it better for the global audience,” added Park.

Between 2.0 also employs a highly visual user interface design that is more appealing to users. Couples will be able to enjoy and recall more of their favourite memories better as there is greater emphasis on photos and how they are displayed and organised.

VCNC was established in 2011 and opened its office in Tokyo in March 2013 and later in October expanded to Southeast Asia. Between faces stiff from competition from couple apps such as Hey, Pair and Cupple. While the five million mark is a significant milestone, the application has a long way to go and needs to keep constantly innovating due to the stiff competition in the segment.

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