Best Types of Home-Based Businesses

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    If you're interested in becoming your own boss and want to work out of your home but are in need of some good, profitable ideas, you'll be happy to know that there is no shortage of possibilities out there, ripe for the plucking.

    In my book, Home-Based Businesses for Dummies (cowritten with Paul and Sarah Edwards), we list 10 great (and profitable!) home-based businesses. They include computer-repair technician, bodywork/massage therapist, computer tutor, coach (business or career), technical writer, elder caregiver, virtual assistant, personal chef, Web-site designer, and pet sitter.

    If none of these get you very excited, I suggest you take a deep look inside yourself to see what you would like to do. Doing the work you love — and throwing your entire heart and soul into it — can make the difference between profit and loss. If you would like to first try working at home for another company before starting your own home-based business, check out SOHO Jobs, which has a pretty good collection of reviews and links to other sites offering work-at-home opportunities.

    Before you choose a business, let me offer one more piece of advice. Whether you start your own home-based business or work at home for another business, research the opportunity thoroughly before diving in too deep — there are a lot of scams targeted at people like you who want to work from home.

    As you weigh the options you might also peruse our Checklist for Starting a Home-Based Business to get an understanding of the logistics of that endeavor. Remember, also, that your dreams of working at home may not align with the real demands of running a business out of your house. Considering the requirements of balancing work with family might help you envision the work-at-home scenario.

    — Peter Economy

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