The Best Job Interview Advice: Focus On What You Love To Do

The Best Job Interview Advice: Focus On What You Love To Do image The Best Job Interview Advice Focus On What You Love To Do 300x199The Best Job Interview Advice: Focus On What You Love To Do

I want to give you a simple exercise I use in my live presentations as well as my one on one coaching to get people focused and boost their confidence through the roof for a job interview. Lack of confidence leads to a bad job search. A bad job search results in bad employers.

Are you ready? Here we go.

I want you to think about something you love to do. Something you are passionate about. It could be gardening, cooking, sports. Just something you are really freaky passionate about.

Don’t read on until you have something to get a hold of and wrap your arms around. Seriously, don’t read on until you have something you are passionate about.

Now I want you to think about a specific aspect of this activity that you love the most. For example, if your passion is cooking, what is your favorite dish to prepare? If it is gardening, what is the coolest thing you grow?

Don’t read on until you can visualize it. Seriously, don’t cheat.

Now I want you to walk through the process in as much detail as you can. If you are cooking a dinner, I want you to see the food and hear it sizzling in the pan. What does it smell like? What veggies are you cooking? How are you cooking them? What plates will you put the food on? What wine will you serve with this beautiful meal? You need to see it, smell it, hear it all happening.

If you are in the garden I want you to recall the smells. Feel the earth between your fingers. What colors do you see? What are the names of the plants? What climate do they thrive in? Where are you placing them and why did you choose that particular spot? What is the temperature outside? Is it sunny or cloudy?

The more detail the better, really lose yourself in the memory.

Now I want you to notice how you feel. You should be relaxed. You should have a sense of pride and confidence. You are probably smiling. Your cheeks are probably nice and rosy. Your eyes are probably soft and relaxed.

This is what happens when you speak from a place of knowledge, confidence and passion.

· What if you knew what you wanted out of a job at this level? What if you could talk about it in a job interview in that amount of detail and focus?

· What if that level of passion could come out in a job interview?

· What if you had the confidence to walk a hiring manager through your experience the way you could walk them through the example you chose?

· What if you could feel like this in an interview – period?

The truth is you can. It’s not hard either. All you have to do is invest your time learning about what you truly love and want to do and what you require back from an employer to perform at your highest level as well as you know gardening, cooking or whatever your example was.

Knowledge breeds confidence. With confidence come’s passion, focus and detail. What gets you hired? Passion, focus and detail will get you hired. You don’t need to suffer in silence and frustration.

Take an uninterrupted hour. Put on your favorite music. Pour a cup of coffee, tea, beer or wine, whatever relaxes you. Get a pen and a pad of paper – yes a pad and start writing. Spend some quality time getting to know what you really want to do in your next job, what you require from your next job and your next employer. There is no better investment you will make today, so dig deep and do the work. You might even learn you have been looking in the wrong places.

You could learn that being #2 could be your #1.

Thanks Jim Legans, Jr for the great photo via Flickr

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