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Best Educational Twitter Hashtags image movx sBest Educational Twitter Hashtags

It can’t really be denied that the education applications of the Internet – while more immense than ever – have taken a bit of a backseat to entertainment. With full movies now streaming online, massive social networks connecting us with others all over the world, and resources for just about anything you can imagine, we can’t be blamed for our reaction to such a toy. It is truly incredible to think about.

But distance education is becoming more a societal norm. More projects are even opening up to offer opensource courses from some of the best schools in the world (think Harvard, MIT, etc). Education is still a real focus, at least for a fair portion of us. Even school age children are learning to use computers to open up a world of learning and assist teachers in educating students in a time of growing financial gaps in the public system.

When you think of online education, you probably don’t think about Twitter. As the second most popular social networking site on the web, it has a massive number of followers that are there for everything from talking with friends to launching entire marketing campaigns. Why should education fall to the wayside?

Below are ten of the greatest hashtags for education on Twitter.

Best Educational Twitter Hashtags image best educational twitter hashtags 01Best Educational Twitter Hashtags

  1. #EDChat

Do you want to connect with other teachers from various grade levels all over the world? This hashtag is used for that very purpose, and a ton of educators use it on a regular basis.

  • #GlobalEd

    You should never underestimate the power of global connection when it comes to unifying the education system. Learn from others in different regions, and find solutions for educating on a massive, worldwide scale.
  • #EarlyEDAre you a grade school or pre-grade school teacher? Connect with others who deal with early education. You can also find #ElemChat, #MidLevED and #HigherED for other levels.

  • #SchoolReformThe debate over how to improve public schools is extremely hot right now in various countries. Discuss the future of schools and necessary reforms from the point of view of an educator.
  • #TTThis stands for “Teacher Tuesday”. Every week, educators on Twitter will suggest someone in the industry they think you should follow. It is a great way to find new Twitter streams to follow, or to suggest your own for those on your list. Expect to see influential leaders from best schools there.
  • #UKEDChatSince the formation of the Coalition government, there has been a lot of debate over the future of education in the UK. From tuition fees to the requirements of learning for school age children, there is no doubt that reform is on everyone’s mind. For those educators across the pond, this is a great hashtag to keep up on news and opinion.
  • #EDTechTechnology is becoming a regular tool used in education. But how do you properly utilize such a resource without disconnecting students from important one on one instruction and communication in the classroom? This hashtag is all about that very issue.
  • #GBLStudents have always reacted well to fun methods of learning, and they have been used by many teachers in differing ways through the ages. Games, whether based through technology or basic classroom challenges, are a popular way to teach. This hashtag covers Game Based Learning.
  • #ASEChatA weekly Twitter Chat held by the Association of Science and Education, Mondays from 8 – 9 PM GMT.
  • #SpedchatA special education hashtag that deals with those teaching special needs students, either exclusively or in a general classroom environment. They hold a weekly chat Tuesday nights at 8:30 PM EST.

How to follow?

If you are using Hootsuite, Cyfe or Tweetdeck, simply add this hashtag as a new column / gadget and monitor when you are there. For archiving and contributing, use

There are a lot of hashtags for education on Twitter, so it would be difficult to find them all. Do you have one you think is especially beneficial? Let us know in the comments!

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