The Best Apps for Google Glass (So Far)

    By CJ Castillo | Small Business

    The Best Apps for Google Glass (So Far) image glass appsThe Best Apps for Google Glass (So Far)

    Last month’s I/O conference offered Google Glass junkies plenty of app demos to tide them over until the hardware hits the general market. While many Glass apps are still in the early stages of development, there are already some great examples of Glassware available to those lucky Explorers.

    As the race to develop begins, here are the best Google Glass apps to date:


    Tumblr brought the blogosphere into Glassware through a characteristically streamlined app that allows users to post on the go and choose how often they want updates on their Dashboard. The app also lets you view working gifs, which isn’t possible on their native Android app.


    Evernote’s Glass app literally puts the user’s notes and lists right before their eyes. This hands-free viewing option will allow wearers to navigate the aisles of a grocery store or busy sidewalks with unparalleled ease and efficiency. You can also send photos from Glass to your Evernote account, but you’ll have to wait until version 2.0 if you want to add comments or tags directly from Glass.


    Although there’s a New York Times Glass app available, CNN stands out because it’s more customizable. You can choose when you want to receive alerts and on what topics. You also can watch video along with news reports, a feature not yet seen in the NYT app.

    Thirst Droplet

    Much like Flipboard, Thirst Droplet promises to deliver news on topics selected by the user via a beautifully designed interface. This news aggregation app allows the wearer to receive notifications on trending topics, email articles to friends, like or dislike items, and have Glass read an article out loud.


    For the record, this app is still under construction, but that didn’t stop eBay from giving the I/O audience something to talk about. From what they shared, it’s clear eBay’s Glass app will change the way people view retail stores forever. The app will allow users to compare store prices to eBay offerings and purchase items on the spot in the blink of an eye. If eBay lives up to their promises, this app is guaranteed to be a game changer.

    Looking to the future

    You could say that Google Glass is still going through its awkward stage. Those who are testing Glass are still trying to figure out how it can be used in real-life settings, without looking too much like a member of the Borg. The apps themselves still have some growing up to do, but that will come once Google releases the Glass SDK to talented app creators outside of their HQ.

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