The Benefits of Syndicating Your Content

The Benefits of Syndicating Your Content image typing3The Benefits of Syndicating Your ContentSyndicating your content to bigger websites can help you get exposure for your websites based on pieces you have already written. Much like with guest blogging, syndicating your content means that you can use other websites to get more traffic and interest from that website’s visitors.

Here are some points to remember when it comes to finding platforms that may accept your existing content:

Find the Right Platform

Do a few Google searches, such as “syndicate [INDUSTRY] blog” or “syndicate your blog content + [INDUSTRY KEYWORD]“. These types of specific searches will help you find applicable websites that offer syndication. The application and set-up process varies. For some, there is an application and manual approval process. For others, it can be automatic. However, many times, the automatic syndication websites are not as high quality since any posts are accepted. Be sure to check out the other quality of posts before applying for or setting up syndication.

Choose the Best Frequency

Some platforms pick and choose (or let you choose) what posts to syndicate from your website. Others automatically share every post that you publish. Know what is best for your blog. If you already have a large network, automatically sharing every post may just be duplicating your existing efforts. However, if you are trying to grow your online presence, syndicating every post can help you get exposure faster.

Monitor Conversations

It is important to monitor and respond to comments (and social shares) on your syndicated posts, just as if users were posting it on your own blog. It is another opportunity to connect with potential readers and customers, as well as to participate in an engaging conversation (hopefully) about your content. Many readers may find you less credible if you ignore direct questions or comments on pieces you have written.

Put Your Best Foot Forward: Your Bio

Most syndicated sites offer a bio or profile section. Make sure this is completely filled out (especially the profile photo and the website links) and be sure to highlight your main accomplishments, experience, and services. Don’t be overly salesy or cheesy. Look at other bios on the site to see the tone that most other authors use.

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