Benefits of a blog for your business

Running a small business in a competitive marketplace, it's imperative to grab the attention of potential customers and clients to grow. Business owners in any industry often find themselves juggling a variety of marketing tactics, advertising strategies, and other methods of attracting potential new business. I've found that one of the most effective ways to do so is by providing potential customers and clients with relevant information and content about the industry in which my business operates or the service my business offers.

There are numerous ways to provide potential customers or clients with this information. In the past, newsletters or pamphlets were distributed in person or mailed. However, blogging is now the way to go. I don't consider myself to be extremely tech savvy, but I was able to set up a blog with little instruction.

When considering whether to start a blog, think about the following benefits that a small business will attain once an effective blog is established.

Driving traffic to your business

By populating your blog with relevant content, you increase your chances of being backlinked by other blogs and websites relevant to your industry. In doing so, potential new business will be directed to you with little effort. Once potential customers and clients arrive to your blog, you will have a captive audience to explain the benefits of your product or service as well as create buzz about current topics in your industry.

Many advertising tactics can put a serious dent in a business's marketing budget; however, blogging, especially when the business owner is able to populate the blog's content him/herself, can be a very cheap way to communicate with potential new business. I was able to periodically update my blog with industry trends and new services I was offering to keep the content fresh and my audience interested.

Passive earnings

Especially for those business owners who sell a tangible product and are fortunate enough to have an automated online sales system, a blog can attract the traffic that will allow you to earn a profit with minimal effort. Customers arriving to your blog can navigate to a storefront website or other POS tool to immediately purchase your product with little to no interaction necessary. Additionally, businesses touting related products and services may be willing to spend some of their advertising dollars to place banner ads on your blog if its able to generate enough traffic.

Taking advantage of search engines
By maintaining a blog with current and relevant information, search engines will force consumers to stumble upon your business just by searching for a product or service related to that which you offer. Regular internet users will typically use search engines as their primary method for finding information about products and services. If your business is not able to take advantage of these hungry consumers seeking a product or service, you will lose out to those that have an online presence. A blog is even more likely to attract hits from web searches when content is updated regularly compared to a static company website that is updated infrequently.

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