The Benefits Behind Benefit Management Websites

As employee healthcare plans become increasingly complex so do the interfaces used to manage those plans. Where back in the day, a Human Resources manager would sit down new employees and provide them with a glossy brochure of benefit information and perhaps even a presentation on the benefits available to them, nowadays things are different.

Today, as with everything else in the business world, benefit information is being uploaded online. Employers and employees alike are turning to online benefit management websites, such as Benefit Express, as a system of human resources organization.

Founded in 2001 by the President, Maria Bradley, Benefit Express and similar websites offer technology, consulting, and administration services in regards to employee benefits, communications, and human resources.  And anyone from the smallest start-up company, nonprofits and the largest Fortune 500 companies benefit from these services.

So what exactly do benefit management sites offer?

They offer the opportunity to cut out that middle-man (or woman), in-house Human Resources representation that can be so costly to the company over time. These websites offer services such as payroll management, retirement account information, information regarding severance pay and COBRA plans.

Certain sites will provide dependent eligibility audits as well. In the past, it was a common practice to find ex-spouses or adult children on an employee’s insurance plan. These extra dependents cost organizations thousands of dollars in extra healthcare costs each year. Now though, with the increasing availability of online information and social media, many websites offer to audit these dependents on behalf of the company providing benefits.

Benefit management websites also provide an automated online platform for employees to increase their awareness of company subsidized programs. For example, if employees receive any discounts or benefits for health clubs, exercise classes, or even automotive repair, they are able to find and manage those benefits quickly by going online.

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