Benefit of Using Micro Niche Sites to Boost Your Traffic

Benefit of Using Micro Niche Sites to Boost Your Traffic image Benefit of Using Micro Niche Sites to Boost Your TrafficBenefit of Using Micro Niche Sites to Boost Your Traffic

Getting traffic is what all bloggers are currently struggling with. Whether you have a three month old blog of one that has been around for eight years doesn’t matter, what matters is that you provide quality content that readers want to read. Without this quality content your blog will be very lonely as you will most likely be the only person there.

Now, quality content is great but you must utilize it the right way. This is where micro niche sites come into play for you. Where most bloggers fail is they think that all the content they write needs to be on their website but that is not true. My advice to you is to utilize micro niche sites in order to target specific keywords and then direct the traffic from those sites towards your main website.

If you have not heard about this strategy before, then you are in luck that you landed on this article today. I started blogging without much luck many years ago and it wasn’t until I started using micro niche sites to help boost my traffic that my blog started to really take off. Below are some tips to help you setup your micro niche sites the right way and absolutely crush your competitors by stealing all their traffic.

Tips on Using Micro Niche Sites to Boost Traffic

Use An Opt-In Page – If you are getting traffic to a micro niche site, then you need to use an opt-in page to help capture their email addresses. The benefit of getting your readers email addresses is that you can now market to them over and over again. What most website owners don’t do enough of is try to build their list and that is why I am adamant about you doing this. Trust me; you will be glad that you build your list now than waited until it was too late.

Always Target Multiple Keywords – Creating a new website can sometimes be tough, especially if you don’t know which keywords to target. It is because of this that I suggest targeting multiple keywords for each micro niche site because some of the articles that you create will not rank on the search engines right away. Just know that when you target multiple keywords you will then have a better shot at ranking for at least some of the keywords that you wanted to rank for.

Don’t Create Junk – I am not going to talk much about this, however, I do want to make sure you are not creating junk and putting that on your website. When a reader see’s that the site that is linking back to your site is just a bunch of junk, then they will assume that your site is the same as well. Trust me; this is a terrible way to get long term traffic to your blog.

Create Multiple Sites – Something that many of my colleagues have done is creating multiple sites and seeing which one works the best. Sometimes they would create 5 different sites around a similar keyword but using different URLS and link building techniques in order to get at least one that will work for them. Once you find out what works best in your specific niche you can then use that strategy over and over until you are satisfied with the amount of traffic that you are getting.

When using micro niche sites to boost your traffic you need to keep building new sites in order to expand. A lot of people just assume that having a few micro niche sites is enough and they can just add hundreds of articles but that doesn’t always work. My advice to you is to just find what works for your specific niche and then recreate that process over and over again.

As you can see, getting more traffic than you have ever had is not that far out of reach. My only recommendation is that you don’t create more micro niche sites than you can handle at first because in the beginning you will need to build them up so that they actually rank on the different search engines.

So, are you ready to boost your traffic by using micro niche sites?

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