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We all know its relative importance, but who knew that a bit of slap could thrust you into the limelight so quickly? Beauty bloggers are fast overtaking the gossip bloggers as the darlings of the internet. And these aren’t your traditional Kensington or Upper East Side fashionistas and daughters of celebrities. Actual, real people are vlogging about their passion (beauty) and how they use it in everyday life. Their popularity and success is shown in a new infographic called ‘How the World Became a Beauty Expert’.

The infographic looks at the internet as a phenomenon in mainstream popular culture and how it has outstripped traditional roots to market for the beauty industry. Beauty bloggers are becoming household names, trusted for the information they provide. Their astronomical, seemingly overnight, success is paving a way for women to enter a notoriously difficult industry from their laptop. They’re just like us!

The fashion and beauty industries are especially tough to break into. Without the training, the experience and a healthy sprinkling of very good luck (or connections) it can be tough for young people to get an opportunity or recognition. Take the example of Bryan Boy, a Filipino Fashionista who started his blog at his mother’s home at the age of 24. Now Marc Jacobs has named a handbag after him and the New York Post named him one of the nine hottest celebrities on the internet. Tavi Gevinson became an internet sensation aged just 12. Described by Lady Gaga as the ‘Future of Journalism’, she is still just 17 years of age.


The undisputed queen of beauty at the moment is Michelle Phan. In Mashable’s large article on the ‘fairy godmother of beauty’ (what a title!), they praised Michelle’s creative approach to beauty blogging. Rather than going down a personal route, each blog has a theme to it. So it is all about the beauty, the make-up tips and tutorials. This extremely clever woman has contributed to a massive growth in make-up how-to videos. They are now the most frequently searched how-to content on YouTube. She’s not the only one.

Other success stories include the Pixiwoo and Fowler sister teams as well as stars like Lauren Luke who has totted up a massive 132.5million YouTube views. A self-taught make-up artist from South Shields, near Newcastle; at just 31 she has carved out her fame based on carbon copies of celebrity make-up. She writes for the Guardian and has even been featured in a Nintendo game. Other triumphs from beauty bloggers include personal beauty product ranges, becoming spokespeople for well-known brands and campaigning for their charities of choice.

Women surveyed by for the infographic disclosed that they are spending a lot of time watching online content (85% do so frequently and sometimes). They are vocal too – with 69% posting comments on blogs and 53% publishing product reviews on shopping sites. This heady mix of opportunities for views, comments and interaction with their target audience is a recipe for success for the diligent and creative aspiring beauty blogger. It really is open to all. Yet only a small proportion of women interviewed had frequently uploaded video content online – just 5%.

Blogging is an award winning category nowadays, and leading the recognition are magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Allure and Company. This synergy is nice to see – print publications celebrating the successes of independent online bloggers. There is a place for both in our lives. Living room and hairdressers’ tables will always have the latest print issues of the hot fashion magazines. But when you’re on the move and need to know how to perfect that smoky eye look – it’s the beauty bloggers you’ll turn to.

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