The Beating Heart of Augmented Reality

The Beating Heart of Augmented Reality image The Beating Heart of Augmented Reality  300x294The Beating Heart of Augmented Reality

Mobile phones have come a long way. Some of us may remember those clunky 80s phones that had their own carrying case. The thought of a Smartphone existing some 20 plus years later would cause many to laugh and spill their Tab cola. But the idea of augmented reality software that implants digital reality into our everyday environment would have left everyone saying, “only in the next Star Wars film”.

What does it do?

Augmented reality engages people with their surroundings in an enriched mode where digital reality plays roles in our natural environment enhanced with impressive digital features. The digital reality is placed into our organic world via a software application that reads the landscape like a grid through the Smartphone’s camera lens.

The beating heart

The software module is the beating heart of mobile ready augmented reality. These modules are included in the app to empower it to recognize imagery or targeted objects from a database. When the system recognizes the target, the app takes over to generate and produce augmented experiences. When this takes place new functionality is unlocked, releasing content or whatever the digital specifics are in the app design.

A strong sign that you are benefiting from good mobile apps development is that the app can see a wide variety of objects and has an expansive image detection capability. There are a wide variety of targets that the app should be able to read. They include the following:

  • Printed images
  • 3D images like cars
  • User-defined images like book pages
  • Frame makers

The software imbedded in the app’s core should be able to read these four components seamlessly and quickly. For if they lag, the technology is subpar.

From video games to the marketing world

Most people may think of video games when someone mentions augmented reality as a subject of conversation. However, several innovative companies are starting to use augmented reality and business marketing to entice consumers. For example, Lego is using augmented reality in digital signage around their retail stores across the globe. These Lego signs use gestures and augmented reality to provide shoppers with an interactive experience. Now shoppers don’t have to guess what it is like to play with a certain box of Lego building blocks—the augmented reality in-store programs will give them that experience before they make a purchase.  But the features continue: users can see Lego men move around, planes take off, and cars move drive on little roads. It is truly an innovative fun method to market a product in a way that keeps droves coming into the store.

Lots of power

In order for an augmented reality module to have the power to accomplish that which Lego’s system makes possible, there must be a great deal of power and the ability to see and read a wide variety of objects. If you are looking to market your business with augmented reality based apps, or if you are simply looking to create a grand entertainment platform for person use, you will need a powerful heart beating life into the program. Look for a provider that offers this app technology with the ability to perform like a virtual workhorse.

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