BC-Small Business Development Centers to Provide Greater Access to C


The Small Business Development Centers


are launching a new capital access program to assist business owners

in preparing for funding and investment. GPF Real Estate & Financing

Corporation (Global


a subsidiary of Global Private Funding, Inc.,


will provide the financial packaging services for SBDC


through workshops and one-on-one step-by-step guidance. The goal is to

prepare business owners to present their businesses in the most

positive light and capture the attention of venture capital (VC),

private investors, underwriters and revenue financiers.

Bruce Stenslie, President and CEO of the Economic Development


serving Ventura and Santa Barbara County (EDC-VC), shared that

creative financing and access to capital will turn the economy around

creating greater consumer confidence and local jobs. Lawrence Hermelee



a retired banker who masterminded this program, added that most often,

businesses, even those growing exponentially reach glass ceilings and

walls that though one can see through to the other side, remain a hard

barrier holding the businesses from growth. Larry further added that

Global's Business Incubation


helps businesses break the invisible barriers and grow. In an

interview, Andrew Halarewicz, Vice President of Business


of Global, at the Century City branch, explained how the Global

Business Incubation program is performance based and therefore does

not burden the businesses with advance fees. The clients and Global

are aligned through performance-based compensation.

Mary Kananen, the Community Outreach


at Global, spoke of the Global Center for Excellence


an award to challenge and inspire Innovation & Creation of Disruptive


Mary described disruptive as similar to the invention of the

light-bulb vs. the candle. The nominations for this award are through

research institutions and grant award committees at various private

and government agencies. SBDCs of EDC-VC have been selected to submit

up to five (5) candidates per year for California. Mary explained that

the award is not based on a bell-curve, rather on merit and that there

are years when nominees do not meet award standards; it's a challenge,

not just recognition. The recipient of the award is given up to

$100,000.00 to further develop the technology, up to $250,000.00 in

consulting, marketing and product placement development through


and a one year management internship.

Joshua Loeb, Associate Vice President, Lending & Venture


at Global expressed his excitement about the new Global-SBDC

micro-loan startup fund. We have experience launching similar


He expressed that most often, funding a half a million dollars

($500,000.00) to an established business is far less complicated than

the few thousand needed to start a business. According to the Wells


Small Business Index study of 2006, small-business owners spend an

average of ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) to start their business.

"The Global-SBDC micro-fund is vital to unshackling startups," said


Jessica Beavers, Vice President of Health and Human Services Group at


spoke about the changes to


and the migration of medical service from fee-for-service to

results-based through Accountable Care Organizations


The SBDC will expand its services to physicians by bringing ACO and

IPA origination services to physicians. Jessica spoke of the benefits

of physicians collaborating to start their own ACO or an IPA opposed

to joining one. She also spoke about how hospitals, in creating their

own ACO, retain good physicians. Medicare reform is here and the ACO

model is one that can be implemented to benefit private patient

practices and HMOs to reduce costs.

Ray Bowman, Director of the


who was recently assigned to the prestigious National District Export

Council by Secretary of Commerce, John


plans to take this model across California and to other states

enabling SBDCs across the nation to provide greater value to their

clients. It's not just about funding and financing, it's also about

showing business owners how to become better operators and create an

exit strategy so that there are milestones and a pot of gold at the

end of the rainbow.

The SBDC network is part of the national Small Business Administration


providing individualized consulting and training to new and growing


Global is an equity based lender who specializes in incubating

businesses and financing. Unlike venture capital firms, Global does

not take equity. Often, venture capital firms retain Global's

incubation services to secure success of their acquisitions. Global

finances collaboratively with its partners as well as by connecting

investors directly to the investment. Global does not charge the

investors any fees, thus, maintaining its impartiality.

Dr. Sam Francis Senev, Chairman of


reiterated the importance of SBDCs: "That the local businesses are who

support the local economy and if we as a community want to champion

change, we can think globally, but we must act locally."

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