BC-Chitsie Launches With Brand Promotions and Real Prizes From Start


Chitsie LLC recently launched a beta version of its internet marketing

platform to help startups and mid-sized businesses accelerate their

digital marketing efforts in a super fun way via contests and games.


adds a fun spin to online marketing, which is a $31B industry," says

Anurag Singla, a seasoned technology professional, and an advisor to

the startup.

For startups low on capital and looking to create a quick buzz,


designs, runs and manages their brand campaigns, and also markets them

to their target audiences.

The Chitsie platform is geared towards idea generation, user

engagement and user acquisition. It comes loaded with built in add-ons

such as social media connect and elements of gamification.

StartupGrid, a searchable, sortable database of gaming companies, is

running "The Missing Link Contest" on Chitsie, challenging users to

discover the missing piece of the existing startup networks. The

company is giving away cash prizes to the tune of $750.


lends its users a unique opportunity of smartly engaging with brands

and winning prizes. Participation is free, fun, and rewarding.

San Francisco-based company, The Inspired Cookie, is giving away $800

worth of gift certificates in "Name the Bar Game" brand promotion.

"I believe there is high value in helping SMBs with marketing and

brand promotion, and Chitsie provides the platform to do so

effectively," says Eric Sytwu of Presidio Ventures.

In the two weeks that Chitsie has been around, it has logged visitors

from 39 countries and 268 cities across the world, with United States

topping the list.

"Like Groupon has taken the local advertising scene by storm, we hope

to disrupt traditional marketing with Chitsie," says Founder, Chitra

Rakesh. "Initially, I did not have the guts," confesses


Jill Salzman of The Founding Moms says, "It's a brilliant concept...

I'm pretty confident that


will thrive in the digital marketing arena."

The Founding Moms is running a "Mom Entrepreneur Challenge," on

Chitsie, as they gear to launch The Founding Moms Community on June 1.

Membership to the community and other cool prizes can be won.

"Winning a drawing or a sweepskates is great but winning on the basis

of merit is even better," says Rakesh.

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