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The Center for Productive Longevity (CPL), which serves as the bridge

between people 55 and older and opportunities that enable them to

continue in productive activities, is organizing a nationwide

competition to select the best entrepreneur success


and inspiring life story from people 55 and older.

The Later-Life Story Contest begins on June 1, 2012 and ends on August

31, 2012 with the winner in each category selected by a panel of three

independent judges. Each winner will receive $1,000 and a specially

designed trophy. The best stories will be posted on the CPL website

throughout the duration of the contest. The winners will be announced

on October 1, 2012 and will be posted on the CPL website (ctrpl.org)

under "Success Stories".

CPL created the contest to stimulate discussion and dialogue about how

people 55 and older can continue adding value to their extended lives

in an era when they are living 30 years longer than people did at the

beginning of the 20th century. The Later-Life Story


is intended to achieve three objectives:

1) Stimulate people to continue leading meaningful and rewarding lives

after reaching the age of 55. Baby Boomers were acculturated to

believe that when they reached a certain age (55, 60, 65), they were

over the hill and out of the game. Many of them need to understand

that, with their increased longevity, they have the opportunity to

become entrepreneurs or lead inspirational lives.

2) Demonstrate that older people can remain productively engaged and

live inspiring lives into their latter 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond.

There are 78 million Baby Boomers who began reaching traditional

retirement age of 65 in 2011 and will continue to do so each year

through 2029 at the rate of 4.2 million per year. These are people

with experience, expertise, seasoned judgment and proven performance

(referred to as EESP). Many of them have also acquired some

accumulated wisdom. At a time when unemployment is high and economic

growth low, creating a new business is a bright spot on a gloomy

employment horizon. Stories about how older


have successfully taken the new-business route may stimulate others to

do so. Stories about how people 55 and older have led inspirational

lives may have a similar impact.

3) Change the pervasive national mindset that when people reach a

certain age, they should move to the sidelines. This thinking

encourages older


to shed the wrinkles, hide the years, and pretend to be younger than

they are. With people living substantially longer lives, Americans

must recognize and find ways to enable this large and growing talent

pool to continue adding value.

"We look forward to learning about the trailblazers around the country

and to celebrating their stories," says William Zinke, 85, Founder and

President of CPL. "We believe that this contest can achieve these

three objectives and look forward to sharing success stories with the


We have selected three highly qualified judges for the competition:

All have had substantial experience regarding the productive

engagement of people 55 and older.

To submit a story, visit


and complete a submission form. Entrants must be over the age of 55,

have a compelling story to share, and be willing to have it posted on

the CPL website for viewing by the general public and for possible

publication. Stories may also be emailed to James R. Hooks, Director

of Marketing and Technology, at


For more information on CPL, the contest, and Success Stories, visit


or Facebook at facebook.com/CTRPL.

About the Center for Productive LongevityThe mission of CPL is to

stimulate the substantially increased engagement of people 55 and

older in productive activities, paid and volunteer, where they are

qualified and ready to continue adding value. It is imperative that we

recognize the value that can be added by an aging population. Visit

ctrpl.org for more information. Follow us on Facebook at


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