BC-Campaign Challenges America to "Fill 10,000 Startup Jobs" by Nove


As America focuses on unemployment, the startup community across the

nation has tens of thousands of open jobs that are going unfilled in

part because simply not enough of the right people know about them.

StartUpHire, the largest online database of jobs at startup companies,

is throwing down a challenge to America to help fill at least 10,000

of those jobs by spreading the word through social media. In a

grassroots campaign that kicks off today, the "Let's Fill 10,000

Startup Jobs" initiative asks people and companies that care about job

growth and entrepreneurism to raise awareness about startup jobs by

linking up their social accounts to automatically share one job

opportunity a day.

The campaign will call attention to the exciting opportunities at

young companies across all industries and states and raise awareness

that hiring the right people in the shortest time is a crucial success

factor for startups. Supporters are asked to help spread the word that

startups are hiring and to personally consider working for a startup


Echoing the campaign's theme, StartUpHire CEO Steve Roberson says,

"The future won't make itself. From services we use every day like

Facebook or Twitter, to SpaceX delivering a payload to the

International Space Station, American companies less than a decade old

are impacting the world in big ways. We can all benefit when startups

succeed but we have to help make it happen."

Beyond asking for support from individuals, StartUpHire also asks

businesses that engage in the startup ecosystem, from lawyers and

funders to service firms and suppliers, to promote the campaign

through their social channels and web sites as well. The National

Venture Capital Association has already asked its 400 members to

support innovation and economic growth in the U.S. by promoting the

campaign on their sites and social profiles. NVCA has also committed

to promote the campaign in many ways between now and November. Other

campaign partners include Startup America Partnership, National

Science Foundation and New Venture Communications.

There are many ways that companies and individuals can get involved

including placing the 10,000 jobs emblem on their websites and blogs,

linking up their own social media networks, and developing email, blog

or newsletter mentions on the campaign. It costs nothing to support

the campaign and the benefit to entrepreneurship is invaluable.

To sign up for the initiative, visit the campaign at


Visitors will also be able to view the progress bar to see how many

jobs have been filled and engage in other ways. To discuss other ways

to show support, please contact Robyn Leenaerts at StartUpHire at

robyn@startuphire.com(mailto:robyn@startuphire.com) or 703-865-6350.

About StartUpHireStartUpHire is the largest online job search engine

dedicated to recruiting exceptional talent to jobs at emerging growth

companies. Its mission is to connect talented individuals to exciting

career opportunities at startups of all kinds and to accelerate the

team building process for companies and their investors. These are

some of the most rewarding careers on the planet, but they

historically have been difficult to identify.


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