B2C: Businesses Connect With Customers Through Chat

B2C: Businesses Connect With Customers Through Chat image livechatB2C: Businesses Connect With Customers Through Chat

In 2011, ACN, a marketing company in North Carolina that sells a variety of services, such as telecommunications and electricity, used to serve customers exclusively over the phone, which was an archaic method of communicating. As a multilevel company that provides such vast services, it became clear that ACN needed to update how they communicate with their client-base. Online chat was the perfect solution.

Chat & Save

To cut down on the cost for service and increase the efficiency of a support team, ACN started to offer their clients the ability to chat with independent sales and customer service reps through a chat platform. As a result, ACN lowered the customer expense costs by 12.5 percent.

Companies are increasingly offering chat services to improve communication with customers, troubleshooting and assistance with orders. Sprint and many car dealerships attract customers who visit their site and even close sales through chat. Any business, small or large can benefit from this technology. You can easily sign up for customer service software that offers a live chat feature and start seeing your client conversion levels rise.

Need more proof? Take a look at these two examples of how chat technology enhances how companies leverage revenue and cut down on costs.

Get UR Starbucks W/ A Smile

Starbucks locations in Nevada and Washington are making their customers’ drive-thru experience more personable with their new face-to-face video chat software. Alisa Martinez, a spokeswoman for Starbucks, told HuffingtonPost.com that before this change, customer and barista interaction lacked an “intimate and homey” experience. To create a more “personal” connection during the order, Martinez says that video chat will add a comforting element to the transaction. While the concept is still in beta testing, Martinez can’t say whether the video chat screens will become the norm, taking the place of PA systems at other Starbucks drive-thru locations.

Victorian Plumbing Goes Online

Live chat in customer service is making its way over seas, at small companies too. UK-based company Victorian Plumbing is an online furniture retailer specializing in bathrooms that wants to connect better with customers. Many of Victorian’s customers want to ask questions about products in real-time while they search for other items to throw into their virtual cart on Victorian’s site, said news.yahoo.com. The Live Chat button gives online shoppers the opportunity to learn all they can about a product and how it suits an interior space and fixtures prior to making the purchase. This feature exemplifies how chat technology enhances customer service and assistance and increases customer confidence, which increases the likelihood of sales.

If you want to increase businesses revenue, reduce expenses and foster better connections with your customers, live chat technology may just be the solution for your company.

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