B2B Inbound Marketing: How to Get Your Brand Into the Mix

B2B Inbound Marketing: How to Get Your Brand Into the Mix image importance of seoB2B Inbound Marketing: How to Get Your Brand Into the Mix

Since the release of Google’s Panda and Penguin search algorithms last year, much has changed for B2B companies – how they go to market; how they generate leads; how they keep leads. In fact, a recent IDG report shows that B2B buyers are influenced by social, mobile and video content more than ever before. Useful content, it seems, is what Google and B2B buyers want most.

To complicate matters further, Google’s latest algorithm upgrades will now rank websites based on design. Yes, design. That means B2B firms will need to change they way they approach design, especially those that design by committee. Kent Lewis over at iMediaConnection provides some timely advice about 9 marketing strategies you must stop using now if you want to avoid seeing your website tossed to the back of the SEO bus.

“The enemy of good design is groupthink. The larger the organization, the more likely the corporate website will lack creativity, consistency, and clear messaging. Google’s latest algorithm updates now reward exceptionally designed websites that provide an optimal user experience. Google’s algorithm is now the new stakeholder, which will reward well-designed sites with high rankings.”

- Kent Lewis, iMediaConnection

Inbound Marketing to the Rescue

In a recent inbound marketing whitepaper, Optify points out that 81% of business buyers start their quest for a solution with a general web search. A sound inbound marketing strategy can save a B2B company’s search rankings because effective inbound marketing delivers useful content that helps buyers research the products and services they need.

Inbound marketing has other benefits over traditional outbound marketing. Inbound leads are higher quality and cost half as much to acquire, but the most important take-away is that a well-executed inbound marketing strategy creates content that gets your brand found and your products and services considered when buying decisions are made. The best part is Google will love you more and put you at the front of the aisle.

Have you noticed any change in search ranking for your website since Google’s release of Panda and Penguin? Have you considered inbound marketing programs to generate and nurture leads? Share your thoughts and sound off in the comments below or on Twitter (@SterlingKlor).

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