B2B Email Marketing: The Answer to Your Content Budget Woes

B2B Email Marketing: The Answer to Your Content Budget Woes image TriggeredEmailFingers 300x201B2B Email Marketing: The Answer to Your Content Budget WoesAccording to surveys, 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing. Obviously marketers believe in the effectiveness of content marketing. Yet only 34% of businesses surveyed have budgets dedicated to content marketing.

That’s a big budget difference between doing something and funding something.

If your business is challenged by lack of funds for B2B marketing, we have a way to ease those content marketing budget woes: Integrate your B2B email marketing with your content marketing to enable them to feed—and feed off of—one another. Below are some ways to do just that, while beefing up both.

How content can feed your B2B email marketing

Email makes content easier to disseminate and share, plus email works for tracking lead generations as a prospect hands over an email address in order to access a piece of content you’ve created. Using email to disseminate your B2B content marketing might be a no-brainer, but that’s not the email usage we’re talking about here. Rather consider using your content in your B2B email marketing.

  • If your email marketing tends to be sales-oriented type messaging, borrow from your content marketing for informative, useful messaging instead, messaging that keeps your brand top of mind without blatantly pushing webinars or products.
  • When you create a piece of content for a specific event or even a specific client, consider sharing that content with your in-house email list too. Perhaps it’s a presentation created for a tradeshow event, or research done for a prospect as part of an RFP. Chances are if someone at the tradeshow or a prospect company is interested in the content, someone on your email list will be as well.
  • Use your content marketing to increase your frequency. Perhaps a monthly newsletter is the norm for your business. Consider adding a monthly email promoting content you’ve created for use elsewhere, such as a new video, case study or whitepaper, for example. You’ll increase your frequency by 25% without annoying because you won’t be selling. Instead you’re sharing valuable content.

How email can feed your B2B content marketing

Consider the top 9 types of content used in B2B content marketing according to the Content Marketing Institute:

  • Social media 87%
  • Articles on website 83%
  • E-newsletters 78%
  • Blogs 77%
  • Case studies 71%
  • Videos 70%
  • In-person events 69%
  • Whitepapers 61%
  • Webinars 59%

That’s a lot of content to create, especially given the lack of budget typical of many marketing departments. But now consider this: You can use email to generate more content for each of those nine buckets, without adding any cost to your budget.

  • You’re likely already mining your e-newsletter for content to use elsewhere. Mine the messaging created specifically for your email marketing campaigns too, and even the one-off emails sent by your sales or service teams. That content can likely be repurposed to be used to feed your blog, or as the starting point for a piece of content like a case study or an article.
  • Look beyond your B2B email marketing: Check out the information your sales and customer service employees send out in response to email inquiries. These emails might be targeted content that would work well as content in your blog or e-newsletter, or as an article on your website that covers a problem and a solution.
  • Use email to do surveys and ask for feedback, then use this content in your blog and e-newsletter, as the starting point for a whitepaper, or as the basis for an article.
  • Ask customers to submit photos or videos. Perhaps it’s a photo from a tradeshow when they visited your booth, or a video giving a testimonial for your product or service.
  • Use email to generate content on your social media sites by driving people to the site to respond to a survey, post a photo or watch a video.

Bonus: Use email marketing to improve your content marketing

When budgets are lacking, it’s critical to get it right the first time. You don’t have room for making errors and learning from them. So use your email marketing to refine your content marketing by conducting A/B split tests to determine which types of content have the most appeal. Is it video or a whitepaper? A case study or slides? Pit the options against each other, then invest your resources in developing the kind of content people show the most interest in.

No budget? No problem…or at least a slightly smaller problem. As long as your B2B email marketing and content marketing can play nicely together, feeding each other and feeding off of each other, you’ll have more content without spending more dollars.

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