B2B Digital Maturity Series: What is Digital Maturity?

    By Mike Olson | Small Business

    Digital Maturity is a new concept for B2B. The concept can be compared to growing a competency or any set of skills and activities that take you from novice to expert in a particular dimension of business.

    Every industry, from manufacturing to high technology, has businesses that have already begun to gain the benefits of digital transformation and building authority as communication leaders. SAP, IBM, and Cisco are few recent examples of corporations pioneering digital maturity for other B2B’s to follow, no matter how big or small the operation.

    This should be a call to action for executives in every company. It takes several years to build maturity, especially in the transformation of your management and human adoption inside the company culture.

    The higher a company’s level of digital maturity, the better its financial performance is likely to be.

    MIT/Sloan Management Review

    New digital technologies and communication innovations like social, mobile, video, and analytics are advancing rapidly in business and have already started influencing buyer behaviour. Content is more important than ever before because engaging, trustworthy content is what is getting vendors shortlisted at the end of the B2B purchase journey.

    The B2B Digital Maturity Model

    B2B Digital Maturity Series: What is Digital Maturity? image b2b digital maturityB2B Digital Maturity Series: What is Digital Maturity?

    In order to begin the education process and help B2Bs get up to speed on becoming ‘digitally mature’, we have designed a Digital Maturity Survey specifically with the B2B sector in mind.

    The 2013 Digital Maturity Survey will run from July to December, 2013. The goal is to capture as much insight and provide each participant with a road map to digital maturity by analyzing a company’s digital core using on the eight dimensions shown above. It is also tailored to three levels of participation: C-Level executives, middle managers, and internal marketing communication resources (if applicable). It also provides a benchmark set of data that will enable each participating company to chart its current technology adoption position and help guide future success.

    NOTE: Participation in the Digital Maturity Survey is by invitation and there is no cost to participate. Companies participating will receive a confidential report of their results approximately 30 days after completion of the survey. A final compiled ebook will be delivered to all participants in the first quarter of 2014 in order to provide a clear picture in how a company scores against its peers as well as industry standards. All data in the ebook will be presented anonymously to ensure privacy.

    Your Turn

    The B2B Digital Maturity Series is an ongoing, open educational discussion to share insights and know-how so that B2Bs can successfully bridge the content gap with tools to assist in balancing the workload for sales, marketing, and management teams. We encourage your input and will continue to listen for more ideas to promote the importance of ‘being social with relevant content to help buyers buy’.

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