Award winning entrepreneur Kevin Mintaraga now wants to help couples plan their dream wedding

    By Enricko Lukman | Small Business

    Indonesia’s wedding industry is huge. According to research firm Splendid Insight, weddings in Indonesia are worth US$7 billion in consumer spending. Many engaged couples do a lot of online research to plan their wedding – and that’s the opportunity that Kevin Mintaraga, an entrepreneur who sold his digital agency company in 2012 and received Ernst & Young’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2013, wants to tap into with the beta launch of his wedding marketplace startup called BrideStory.

    BrideStory is home to lots of wedding merchant profiles and portfolios. Users can search the vendors based on the thing they need – like bridal, jewelry, and photography – as well as by location or price. Vendors, on the other hand, can register and use BrideStory to grow their online presence.

    The new site is free of charge to merchants and currently have a total of around 80 wedding-related sellers inside the platform. Merchants can pay to get extra exposure inside BrideStory. Mintaraga adds:

    Anyone can get their perfect wedding as long as the couple finds the right vendors who are able to understand the couple’s vision for their dream wedding. But the process of searching for the right vendors who can create a dream wedding is not easy. Through personal experience I know how important it is for the bride and groom to meet the right vendors.

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    Pinterest experience


    The idea actually came when Mintaraga ran into a lot of hassle when he was planning his own wedding. One insight he found is that most of the engaged couples use Pinterest to create their dream wedding pinboard and share it with wedding vendors. But while users can find beautiful pictures on Pinterest, they can’t find much information about the sellers who created the items. BrideStory adds in that element, and categorizes all the pictures. Soon there’ll also be color themes, says Mintaraga, “So that when a user is looking for purple wedding Invitations, we will display all wedding invitations in purple colors so they could get inspiration and choose certain work that they like.” He adds: “Most importantly they will be able to know the vendor that created it and they will be able to contact the vendor directly.”

    Headed by Mintaraga, BrideStory is aiming big by targeting other countries in the future. But it all starts with helping Indonesian couples plan their dream wedding.

    The online leader in this industry is Weddingku which now has over 10,000 Indonesian vendors in its listings. But BrideStory’s beautiful user interface and attention to detail could help woo a few lovebirds to start trying the service.

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