Do You Have An Authentic Voice?

At BuzzPlant, when we pull together an online strategy for your brand, our first step is identifying the main objectives. Typically with a social media campaign, the typical goals are to maximize awareness with impressions, increase engagement and ROI. But at the heart at all these goals, we truly believe that social media has to have an authentic voice. Consumers want to feel that they are engaging with a brand that is authentic and conversational. It’s these “meeting at the coffee shop” type posts rather than “megaphone” or “pedestal” talk that will earn you credibility and trust with your users, which will lead to brand loyalty. We’ve included some helpful tips for posting to your social channels that we utilize into all our client campaigns.

- Be consistent. Look at all your online channels and make sure they are written in one voice.
- A common misconception is that social media should be used to generate leads and increase click-through rates for a company or brand. However, social media works best in generating brand loyalty. Once a relationship exists you will become first of mind when they need your product or service.

- Don’t be afraid to go outside of your brand when updating you social media channels. Post information related to your brand, events happening in your community, and content that will entertain your consumer base.

- Make sure that each update is worth it. Never post for the sole purpose of posting.

- Pretend you’re actually being social. Pretend you’re speaking to your customers and that they’re right in front of you. Remember, social media should be a conversation.

- Social listening is just as important. This takes skill and consistently responding in a way that supports your brand is key.

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