New Australian B2B Content Marketing Research Released

The Content Marketing Institute, run by the excellent Joe Pulizzi and local marketing champions ADMA have released a research report on content marketing trends in Australia for 2013.

Firstly, it’s so great to see some Australian specific research, finally, and even better to see B2B called out specifically. The research cites the findings of 139 Australian B2B marketers.

New Australian B2B Content Marketing Research Released image CMI researchNew Australian B2B Content Marketing Research Released

The key findings are compelling:

  • 25% of Australian marketers’ budgets are devoted to content
  • 61% of Australian marketers plan to increase spending on content marketing
  • On average 4 social media platforms are used to distribute content
  • 71% of B2B Marketers have a heavy reliance on LinkedIn as the primary social media channel
  • Australian B2B Marketers on average use 12 content marketing tactics

Interestingly when comparing to the US and UK markets, it is often assumed that Australia is lagging somewhat, perhaps a year or two behind. This does not appear to be the case in the world of content marketing where we hold our own with the UK and the US.

In terms of types of content, website articles (88%), Social media (83%) and eNewsletters (82%) are the top three content formats. Contrast this with print magazines (43%) and print newsletters (30%) and the we can clearly point to the switch away from outbound to inbound marketingtechniques.

In terms of challenges, there are some fascinating insights.

The top 3 challenges for B2B marketers appear to be:

  • Producing enough engaging content
  • Producing the kind of content that engages
  • Getting senior mangement buy in

Given this, it’s perhaps unsurprising that 54% of Australian B2B companies outsource their content creation. This is particularly true of larger organisations (80%) and medium sized organisations (59%), but even in small companies there is significiant evidence of content marketing outsourcing (48%).

So what does “good” content marketing look like in Australia according to this study?

If we look at those respondents who are best-in-class the following points emerge. They:

  • Use more, not less, content marketing pieces
  • Use more social media platforms to distribute content
  • Tailor content to specific buyer personas and decision makers
  • Allocate a higher proportion of their marketing budget to content

What are your views on content marketing in Australia? Do you agree with these findings? Is your experience different?

If you would like to learn more about the art and science of content marketing why not download our eBook on the content marketing revolution?

New Australian B2B Content Marketing Research Released image 6dc6ff77 df6c 40d7 bb63 11cd3ee1862d1New Australian B2B Content Marketing Research Released

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