Auction Car of the Week: 1977 Chevy Blazer Chalet

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s not exactly the time to be out looking for campers and RVs. But these things come up very rarely for sale, so you have to jump on it when it’s available. In 1976 and 1977, GM offered its own camper conversions, known as the Chevy Blazer Chalet, and the GMC Jimmy Casa Grande. This 1977 Chevrolet Blazer Chalet is for sale in Los Angeles, and while its condition isn’t perfect, it’d be easy to get it back in great shape.

Rear - Blazer Chalet

There are plenty of slide-in campers inserted into pickup beds, but this is a completely different animal. They either started with the Chevrolet Blazer or the GMC Jimmy as a base, and came straight from your Chevy or GMC dealer with a pop-up camper installed.

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Brochure - Blazer Chalet

The trucks were all shipped to Chinook Mobilodge in Washington state. The camper slides in where the Blazer’s hard top would normally be. Unlike the Blazer’s top, though, the Chalet wasn’t designed to be removed.

Brochure Night - Blazer Chalet

That may seem like a disadvantage, when you compare the Chalet to some of the other slide-in campers that were available for the Blazer, but the Chalet offers many distinct advantages over the competition.

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Brochure Day - Blazer Chalet

First of all, the roof pops up so that adults can walk around at their full height. The canvas sides fold in and the top drops for less wind resistance on the highway.

Sink and Stove - Blazer Chalet

The Chalet also features a propane cooktop, a small refrigerator, a sink and a closet, along with storage above the Blazer’s cab.

Beds Folded - Blazer Chalet

The seating area in back includes two sideways bench seats with room for four, but be aware that if people are back there, the Chalet doesn’t come with rear seatbelts.

Table Up - Blazer Chalet

In the middle of the living quarters, you have a table and seats for the daylight hours, and the whole magilla folds up and converts to a full-size bed at night.

Rocker Panels - Blazer Chalet

This Blazer Chalet only has 67,000 miles, which isn’t uncommon for something that wasn’t intended to be a daily driver. It’s in fairly decent condition. The hood is showing some rust bubbling, but the more difficult rust areas like rear fenders and rocker panels all look like they’re in great shape.

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The seller notes that the paint is sun-faded, but you could probably have this thing looking super with a clay bar and a couple coats of wax.

Right Side - Blazer Chalet

In all, GM only sold 1,800 Blazer Chalets in the two years of production. The GMC Jimmy Casa Grande is super-rare, with only a handful of examples around.

If you’re looking for a summer toy to bang around the back roads and spend a night in the woods, we couldn’t imagine something cooler. At the time of this posting, the bid is at $6,600 and the reserve has not been met. There is just a little over four days left for bidding, so happy hunting!


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