Associations Outgrow Unions

According to the AARP, nine out of ten adults belong to at least one association. In 2010, the percentage of workers belonging to a union in the United States had fallen to 11.4%. Despite a growing disparity, associations share the same sphere of political influence as unions. By Federal Law, employees can organize and act together while protected by The National Labor Relations Act.

With associations, terms like collective bargaining are replaced with continuing education, awards, networking and service, inferring a stronger sentiment that is promoted and compensated for within the workplace.

According to Gale Research, more than 140,000 associations exist in the United States (at the national, international, regional, state, and local levels) representing nearly every industry, profession, charity, hobby, cause, and interest.

As associations and unions continue, public relations opportunities abound.  As a communication professional, finding an association that aligns with your professional goals or personal values is important.  A simple search of an issue, combined with the name of your city might bring up available associations in your area, or unveil an opportunity to create one.  Join today.

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