Do You Ask Questions When Attending a Live Webinar?

Do You Ask Questions When Attending a Live Webinar? image Question imageDo You Ask Questions When Attending a Live Webinar?

Online events bring value to audiences with free access to quality information, travel and accommodation savings, easy-to-use interfaces and presenter and audience features that further enhance the live experience. One of the most useful features of a webinar and video platform is the live feedback function, which allows viewers to leave comments and pose questions in real time for the expert speakers they are listening to. Are you taking advantage of it?

While asking questions of a presenter can be daunting, it will enhance your live webinar experience and increase the value you are getting out of your participation. It can cost hundreds of dollars to attend a keynote session from a recognized speaker at a physical event, but on BrightTALK you can listen to and ask questions of some of the top minds in your industry freely and easily. The average webinar is 45 minutes long, so BrightTALK community managers encourage presenters who receive numerous questions to follow up on the ones left unanswered after the presentation. This can lead to a productive discussion and a valuable connection for the interested audience member. Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your knowledge on the topic of the webinar, get detailed information about a product you are considering, or prompt a speaker to share examples which will further your understanding.

If you’ve ever felt short on questions, here are some ideas for ones you can ask during your next live webinar:

Ask for examples – BrightTALK presenters come from a variety of industry organisations and have a wealth of experience and examples they can share with the audience. Tap into this knowledge base by asking your speaker to share some additional examples – some of the best stories and case studies that didn’t make it into the slide deck are revealed this way.

Ask about the metrics – To get a deeper understanding of the campaigns speakers describe, dig deeper into the metrics. How was success measured? How does that compare to other campaigns? Which metrics did their team focus on and which ones were secondary? Use this experience to inform your own campaigns.

Ask for more information – If a piece of the webinar is particularly relevant to what you do, ask the speaker to elaborate on it. They might respond live or offer to continue the discussion after the live event. Don’t forget to take a look at the presentation attachments for more information – speakers often include helpful white papers and links to supplement their presentation, all available with a click.

Ask to be contacted – If you are attending the webinar to educate yourself about a product or service and would like to continue the process, ask to be contacted or to get a free trial or demo. This is especially helpful if you have a short timeline. By expressing your interest you will stand out from the crowd and enable the speaker or vendor to prioritize contacting you after the webinar.

Ask about the next webinar – Great speakers often return to BrightTALK to present on current industry developments or expand on their research. If you find a presentation valuable and would like to attend future ones by the speaker, check if they’ve already booked their next appearance. Your weekly email update will also keep you informed about upcoming presentations in your subscribed channels.

Asking questions during a live event is beneficial for everyone involved. Questions and comments help speakers identify the information most useful to their audience, give you insight relevant to what you do and help you understand what your peers are working on, finding success with or feeling challenged by.

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