ASICMiner Block Erupter By the Numbers [Infographic]

    By Danny Ashton | Small Business

    ASICMiner Block Erupter By the Numbers [Infographic] image ASICMINERASICMiner Block Erupter By the Numbers [Infographic]

    Who could guess that we would come such a long way in the Bitcoin mining universe? From the old homemade mining CPU monsters to the ASIC – Application Specific Integrated Circuit – chips, we have evolved a lot in just a few years. Now, we don’t need Frankenstein-like machines to generate Bitcoins, the world’s hottest digital coin, a peer-to-peer and decentralized cryptocurrency that promises to change everything. Before ASICMiner chips and devices came along, we had huge machines that could mine bit by bit for a long time. Now, we have small devices that can mine super quickly and consume less power.

    So, we guess it’s pretty safe to say that the ASIC technology completely change the game, especially because these chips were especially created to mine Bitcoins. They weren’t adapted or readjusted, they were designed and produced to fulfill this goal and this is what makes them extra special and amazingly powerful.

    If you’re a miner and you have an ASIC mining device, you’re on the right path to success, we can guarantee you that! Mainly because Bitcoin keeps growing and needs technology that may accompany it through its rising process. Cryptocurrency is now a daily part of our life! It’s online, of course, where it’s already possible to trade, buy and sell only with digital coins, but it’s also on the streets, since some physical stores already accept our favorite virtual currency. That’s why we need miners and, mostly, efficient technology that can help these workers, who keep the Bitcoin platform running.

    Thankfully, ASIC technology came along to help cryptocurrency evolve and we can’t wait to see what news might come in the future. For now, this amazing ASICMiner USB Block Erupter with a 130 nm chip and a hash rate of 330 MH per second is a great choice for the laid-back miner. Check our infographic and learn more about it!


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