How Ashton Kutcher Saved Steve Jobs’ Reputation

    By Zac Johnson | Small Business

    I’ve always been a big fan of the mega billionaires and entrepreneurs who helped shape the internet and computer age. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are two guys that I have always followed very closely. One of my favorite movies about the two and how they built their companies and brands is “Pirates of Silicon Valley“. It’s a dorky movie and only techies would really appreciate it, everyone else would fall asleep, much like the new “Jobs” movie… unless you love Ashton Kutcher or course.

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    When I saw that they were making a Steve Jobs movie with Ashton Kutcher I was excited to see how the movie would do, especially in comparison to “Pirates of Silicon Valley”, which was made with a super small budget and was a “made for tv” movie.

    I have to say that I was quite pleased with the Jobs movie and how well Ashton Kutcher played the role. Not only did he look the part, but he also had the mannerisms of Steve Jobs as well.

    How Ashton Kutcher Saved Steve Jobs’ Reputation image Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs SidesHow Ashton Kutcher Saved Steve Jobs Reputation

    I would even have to say that with Steve Jobs no longer around, Ashton Kutcher actually helped improve the overall reputation of Steve Jobs and how many “average people” watching the movie had portrayed him.

    Everyone loves Steve Jobs because of what he did for Apple, but not many people know the real stories of how mean he was to his staff, ran out on his daughter and the woman that gave birth to her, and he wasn’t a big philanthropist at all… nothing like Bill Gates or other people with his massive wealth.

    Heck, let’s even run over to Google real quick and see how one of the “auto-complete” recommend we search on Mr. Jobs.

    How Ashton Kutcher Saved Steve Jobs’ Reputation image Steve Jobs Google AutosuggestHow Ashton Kutcher Saved Steve Jobs Reputation

    Apparently I’m not the only one that thinks Jobs left us with a horrible reputation that many people really aren’t aware of. Steve Jobs was a “dick”, “jerk”, “bad person”, “terrible person”, “prick”… and then we have one or two compliments with “nice guy” and “genius”.

    The bottom line here is that Steve Jobs was a genius and he helped change the way we do everything. All of that aside, he made the necessary changes and choices in his life to get to where he was.

    How Ashton Kutcher Saved Steve Jobs’ Reputation

    Casting Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs was a brilliant move by everyone who made that decision for the film.

    Right now Ashton is one of the hottest actors in Hollywood right now with major movie and television roles, he loved by both teenagers, young adults and the adult audience and he’s even heavily invested in technology with his own money and business ventures.

    Ashton Kutcher is likable… which makes the role he played of Steve Jobs more likable.

    Even in the movie when Jobs is yelling at his partners or throwing his girlfriend out because she is pregnant, the audience still wants Jobs to succeed and still likes him as a character.

    How Ashton Kutcher Saved Steve Jobs’ Reputation image Ashton Kutcher Steve JobsHow Ashton Kutcher Saved Steve Jobs Reputation

    Ashton Kutcher became Steve Jobs… Steve Jobs became Ashton Kutcher

    For anyone who missed Ashton Kutcher at the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards, you can watch the video below.

    If you did see it, then you will notice the same mannerisms between Ashton and Jobs in how he approached his audience and talked with them to deliver a powerful message.

    You will notice the similarities between the two if you’ve ever seen Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address.

    Steve Jobs was a genius, a think, a great speaker and a billionaire… but among his most inner circle of co-workers, family and others he was probably thought of as none of them.

    Steve Jobs is no longer here with us, but the lasting impression given of him from Ashton Kutcher is how many people will remember Jobs, simply because it’s the last or most recent memory they may have of him.

    What are your thoughts on Steve Jobs’ lasting reputation and did Ashton Kutcher help influence your decision at all?

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