Army camo changes color with the seasons

    By Tom | Small Business


    Reactive clothing has a number of useful applications and we recently wrote about Germany’s Fraunhofer Research Institution, which has developed color-changing gloves that warn wearers when they’ve come into contact with a hazardous substance. Now Cabela’s ColorPhase camouflage is using similar technology to enable soldiers’ uniforms to dynamically match their surroundings throughout the year.


    Currently, those who need to wear camouflage need to purchase separate outfits according to the kinds of environments they’ll be operating in. Cabela’s ColorPhase innovation combines high-quality printed photographic camouflage with rapid-change reactive dye that varies in color according to the temperature. Designed in two styles — Zonz Woodlands and Zonz Western — the garments feature bright greens in spring and summer and subdued browns in fall and winter. The range includes jackets, pants, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and even caps and gloves.

    The video below shows the ColorPhase fabric in action:

    Cabela’s ColorPhase could cut costs for those purchasing camo, from individuals to national armies and military organizations, as well as increasing the effectiveness of the disguise. What other uses are there for similar heat-reactive clothing?


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